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What is the Best Rehab in Cape Town, South Africa?

What is the best rehab in South Africa?

We work with a number of different rehab centres in South Africa and all of them have different specialities. This means that the best for one person isn’t necessarily the best for another. The CapeRecovery way is unique as we pre-asses the client before we make any decision on where the best place is. Every rehab and treatment centre that we work with is the best in it’s class or speciality of treatment. We believe that this pre-assessment is the only way to ensure that the person gets everything they can out of treatment and thus increases their chance of a full and lengthy recovery. There is of course a difference in comfort amongst our centres and according to budget, we have the whole range, from luxury retreats to more basic but still top quality places in terms of counselling and program on offer. So, the answer to the question ‘What is the best rehab in South Africa?’ is that we work with the best, at all levels and for all budgets and every client who goes into rehab with us receives the whole, unique and friendly CapeRecovery support, before, during and after the process of treatment. We are in constant contact with all the centres we work with to keep check on the progress that they are making. We also are around for the friends and family of the client and offer family support as part of the CapeRecovery package. The complete service continues after treatment where we can find suitable sober living houses, advice on local meetings to attend, introductions the incredibly supportive Cape Town Recovery community and even Voluntary Work Experiences if required. The Recovery of each and ever one of our clients is what’s important to us at CapeRecovery. Now, some people ask me what is the best rehab in Cape Town? Again, it depends entirely on the clients needs.

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What is the best rehab in Cape Town?

In short, all of our rehabs in Cape Town are the best in their field of expertise. Whether it is treatment for a substance addiction, a process or behavioural addiction or for an eating disorder then we have the best centre for every eventuality. We also have a full range of treatment centres to suit all budgets from luxury rehab to more basic rehab, the one quality that they all share however is that they all provide the highest standard of treatment on the market.

So if the question is What is the best rehab in Cape Town? or What is the best rehab in South Africa? the answer is the same, with Cape Recovery you only get the best appropriate rehab for the individualised needs of the client, so simply Contact Us and we will do the rest.