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Why is Cape Recovery Unique?

Treating Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Addiction Rehabilitation

Treating Addiction – Addiction Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment.

Something that I’ve learnt in my time in recovery and also as a nurse in the rehab and recovery business is that treating addiction can be tricky. There is no one Addiction Rehabilitation or Addiction Treatment pathway that is always effective for everyone. This is because everybody is different, they are at different stages of their individual journey and that is why when we take on a client we don’t do quick fixes or push the individual to a particular place, we make a full assessment of each case and find a tailored and appropriate treatment path.

We are in a unique position at Cape Recovery as our loyalty only lies with providing the highest quality, personalised service, one in which the client and their family comes first. We have a wide range of places and addiction treatment styles so treating addiction of any kind is as straight forward as contacting us. The advice and information will be unbiased without a desire by us to push you or your loved one down a certain route. Addiction Rehabilitation is often a lengthy process and needs an impartial case manager to help with decisions that crop up along the way. That’s why people like what we do because we are always contactable for any queries along the way.

We have small team of committed individuals who actually have knowledge of care planning and making treatment decisions based on decades of medical and counselling experience as well as the added experience of having been through the struggle of a crippling addiction so we can view any situation from both sides of the fence. It’s taken a long time to get this far and the things learnt through a difficult life can be used positively to help the still suffering addict and equally important to us, the often forgotten about loved ones and family members. We approach every case with all these people in mind giving the client and the family the full, personal service.

We treat all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders and work only with the best rehabs and treatment centres.

Treating Addiction has never been more comprehensive, so, for the best in Addiction Treatment and Addiction Rehabilitation, why not Contact Us and see what we can offer.