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Rehab Triage Service

The Cape Recovery Rehab Triage Service

If you have general questions about rehab then you should check out our rehab questions post. This will give you an idea of what to expect, when you have done that simply contact us and we will do a quick rehab triage on you or your loved one, then we will find the perfect facility that ticks all the boxes. The questions asked will focus on two parts with simple questions so we can gather as much information as possible in order to find the perfect place. The process of addiction triage is vital to avoid people being placed in inappropriate treatment settings, it involves questions around the specific substance, addictive behaviour or eating disorder. This helps us get a full picture of the use and behaviours and multi-use of substances and addictions. Once the medical addiction triage phase is done we can then offer our rehab triage service which looks at other things such as personal preferences and programs offered.

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Why is Rehab Triage and Addiction Triage Required?

At Cape Recovery we believe that if you need to spend money on treatment for yourself or an individual, then you should get the best and most appropriate treatment. That is why we offer a free assessment of all our clients, based upon a number of factors, in order to find the perfect treatment centre for them. Rehab Triage is an important and necessary process because if someone is badly placed without thoughts for their individual needs, it can spoil the experience and make rehab less effective or even detract them from giving it all the effort that is required of them. The process is simple and involves a short consultation in which we will ask a series of questions. Following that and dependent on the answers we can identify the perfect rehab facility that is equipped with the services tailored specifically for that person. Once we find the perfect place then we can arrange immediate admission and provide the client with our unique Cape Recovery experience which involves continued support for families. A full assessment is especially important for our overseas visitors as we need information before they book the flight and we meet them to transport them to the chosen facility. Visitors from the UK and Abroad check out the International Site.

So, if you want the best rehab and recovery experience, get in touch and let CapeRecovery provide you with peace of mind through their unique Rehab Triage Service, Addiction Triage has never been more effective!