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Rehab Admissions – Information Required

Rehab Admissions, Find Rehabs and Rehab Information.

When it comes to Rehab Admissions, in order for us to find rehabs that are perfectly suited to you or a loved one and give you all the rehab information that you will ever need, we need some information from you. At CapeRecovery we try to make the process simple and this is why we have Melanie, our Admissions Director on board to get information from you in order to find the most suitable place tailored towards the individuals requirements. This is a vital step in the process as a suitable placement can make or break the persons rehab experience and chance of long term recovery. We are in the enviable position of not favouring one rehab over any other so can be totally impartial during this process, unlike others in this field. Over to Melanie……

‘Cape Recovery was the brainchild of Simon Turner, a wonderful friend, an easy person to work with, a great motivator, a wonderful listener with a big heart and a generous attitude.

Simon has given me the honour of working with him in helping others find redemption from addiction and a solid pathway to recovery as he has helped me find balance and peace in taking on this project.’

A message to our webpage visitors. What we need to know about you or your loved one to find the ideal rehab or addiction treatment?

For everyone visiting the CapeRecovery site that is looking for help with rehab admissions or any relevant rehab information you need, it is our intention to give you all the assistance you require and to find rehabs suitable for the individuals needs as soon as we can. While we cannot always help everyone directly, we can at the minimum put you into contact with someone who will help or advise you on the next steps to take. While we are not miracle workers (and there are days we wish we did possess a magic wand) we do try our best.

What will make things easier for us to help you at CapeRecovery?

Information is the key to a good start. Sending us an email saying that you need help is a beautiful start and we are glad to get them, but we do need details. We need to know:

Who needs help – If it’s for yourself or for a loved one. We need to know if it’s a friend or a family member or partner. You don’t have to disclose the person’s full identity right away, a first name will do, so that if we do speak or communicate with you, we know who we are talking about (e.g. if you say you need help for your son Joe or your sister Jane for example, we get an idea of the relationship with the person and how its effecting you and the addict. This also gives us an idea on how to approach the situation.)

What – Please let us know what kind of addiction or disorder it is. This is very important. Different people with varying types of addictions require different kinds of treatment and an individually tailored approach. (Please note: If it is a substance abuse – let us know what the person is using. If you are unsure, don’t guess. Rather say you are unsure.)

Additional Addiction Information – Also, it is important to mention if the person just has one addiction or multiple addictions and especially important to mention any dual-diagnosis issues (this is what we call addiction and mental illness treated alongside one another) as we have centres specialising in all these things so can find the ideal place for you or your loved one.

Budget – Circumstances don’t always allow clients to access private rehab centres to get the ‘best of the best’ treatment. Yes, we do have centres we can refer you to if you have a low or no budget, but we do need to know if you have a budget restriction so that we can negotiate with the treatment centres to get the best possible value if need be.

Age – We need to know if the individual is under 18. If the person is under 18 this creates a restriction as we will need to book the individual in centres that are registered for individuals that are 17 years or younger and consent will need to be given by parent or guardian.

Some Guidelines

Don’t hesitate: It’s difficult asking for help. But if it can be helped, it’s better to ask sooner rather than later. Getting a person into a rehabilitation centre can happen immediately if funds are available or medical aid is in place however, if budget is tight and there is no medical aid – understand that getting rehab admissions into a public or funded institution will have a process to follow and can take time but we do have contacts to make the process quicker and easier.

Preparation before intervention: If your friend or family member is still in denial about the addiction and requires intervention or needs to be sectioned, it’s always a good idea to first make sure that Cape Recovery has secured a booking for the patient beforehand. So that when the individual is ready to go, there is no derailment in getting the individual the help they need.

Relapse. If the person has been to a facility or received treatment before that you know of, let us know. It could be possible that the previous institution was registered, but did not follow protocol with proper treatment. If possible we would want to know which institution the person was booked into previously, as the programme was perhaps ineffective or not completed by the patient.

Mental or physical illness: We need to know if the individual has been diagnosed or has any pre-existing mental or physical illness, so that the institution can make necessary preparation before admittance.


Admissions Director

Cape Recovery

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You can contact Melanie directly on (082) 6359419 or get her through and she will be happy to help you find rehabs that are suitable or offer you accurate and honest rehab information.

Whatever rehab information you need, we can help you with it and find rehabs that are suitable, arranging fast rehab admissions! Overseas clients should check out our international site for great packages and unbeatable prices for rehab stays in Cape Town and the full CapeRecovery Experience!

So, tell us what we need to know and make the process easier for us to find rehabs, rehab information that you need and to continue to provide the perfect tailored rehab admissions to our valued clients, simply Contact Us today and we will do the rest!