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I want to go to rehab, What Now?

I want to go to rehab, what now?

Rehab Admission

Detox Treatment

Here at Cape Recovery we take the hassle out of Rehab Admission. Whatever the circumstance, be it for long term rehab or detox treatment only, we make the process as smooth and painless as possible. Same day admission is usually possible and we can even offer transport from airports if necessary. Often, after years of resistance, taking the plunge and making the decision to go to rehab is the hardest, yet one of the biggest, bravest and most positive decisions you or a loved one will ever make. It’s never easy and it’s not cheap (although medical aid usually covers the first month) but it is the best and most effective way of getting clean and sober and remaining that way. It’s also the best way to work through any process addictions or eating disorders. Often these and mental health issues go alongside a substance addiction in a tangled and confusing web and time is needed to work through it all. The advantage that residential rehabilitation gives is that the person has the opportunity to physically get away from the problem in terms of substances and the people they use them with. Once detoxed effectively they then have time and space to really focus on themselves, their situation and the underlying issues, the reasons that they feel the need to escape their feelings. Rehab provides the perfect supported environment and all our rehabs are of the highest quality in terms of staff and the program that they offer.

Rehab Admission, Detox Treatment

Next Step.

So, you’ve identified a problem in you or someone else and you’ve decided it’s time to go to rehab, what is the next step? Well, It’s simple, click the Contact Us section of the website to call or email us, or visit us on Facebook and let’s have a chat! We sort everything out so the rehab admission process is easy.

As an ex pat from the UK, I am aware of the high prices paid for detox and rehab facilities in the UK and other parts of the world (I myself spent a small fortune on my initial recovery before discovering that I could do it at a fraction of the price over here).

With our local connections we can guarantee you the best local price and we can offer that personalised support often lacking for people from afar. From airport transfers to introductions to the vast recovery community of Cape Town, the anxiety of coming to a foreign country is removed.

It’s as simple as that, you will have a local contact at all times should you have any queries or questions. So go to rehab and begin a new life. We want to see everyone who we work with succeed and will go out of our way to give them the best chance possible of a long and fulfilled life. Contact me on e-mail or call, SMS or WhatsApp +27 (82) 6359419 if you have any questions or, simply fill in the Contact Form with your details and we will get back to you immediately.

We care, so even if you don’t get admitted we will be there to offer support and advice on all rehab admissions and detox treatment so get in touch!