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About Cape Recovery – Information for Professionals

About Cape Recovery – Information for Professionals who work with us.

Addiction professionals working together for an enhanced client experience. Find out more about Cape Recovery.

CapeRecovery is different from many of the so called ‘referral agents’ who have developed a bad reputation in recent years. We work with addiction professionals who want to work in a transparent and patient focused way, we do rehab referrals in an open manner and we want people to buy into and find out more about CapeRecovery because of what we are doing for Cape Town as a whole. Recovery is about more than rehab and we must change the way of thinking about how we treat addiction from the most basic level, we all know it is hard work and requires an authentic desire to stay clean and sober. It also requires a huge amount of support along the way and there simply is no quick fix, so why do we continue to pretend that people are ‘in treatment’ when they are simply going through the motions? We need a complete rehab and recovery service where the client is followed through and supported at every step of the process and beyond and that is the CapeRecovery way. We also aim to provide concise information for professionals and communicate in a highly effective and personal way. Before I go on, I am convinced that the majority of people who are in the rehab and addiction business and those involved in rehab referrals are good and honest people. They are in the most part, addiction professionals like us, with a vast knowledge of treating addiction and the addiction industry as a whole. I have a lot to thank the rehab that I eventually got clean and sober in after a 25 year struggle and I try to never lose touch with that. When people ask me about CapeRecovery, I always tell them that it is where my own recovery began and what we have built up today is born from that, from the love and support I was given at my lowest point. My continued sobriety comes first and foremost before anything else that I do these days so whilst I don’t set out to upset people, I do feel that bad practice in the industry must be questioned from time to time or things will never change. My philosophy with CapeRecovery is to help everybody who contacts us first and foremost, we are obviously limited sometimes and swamped by the amount of people desperate for help and with no funds available but this doesn’t deter us, it simply spurs us on to seek solutions to the problems that others ignore. I am constantly building links with, and creating rehab referrals to free and subsidised treatment centres so we always have options for everyone. My concern is that we as health professionals need to all work together to help and that includes the private sector. I believe that the money men in the business must step up to the plate or their existence is actually serving little purpose in a market where surely the primary aim should be to help the masses battle with the epidemic addiction, drug and alcohol problem that is literally destroying generations of people and crippling families across the country and the world. When they first appeared many years ago, referral agents were seen in a positive light and served a purpose in individualised client care, providing vital information for professionals who would be working with the client and this is the category that CapeRecovery falls into, addiction professionals working together. The reason for the bad reputation as far as I’m concerned, is the level of involvement that these ‘agents’ actually have in patient care and questions over whether they are even qualified to offer advice on addiction treatment in the first place. Traditionally, rehab agents had a better reputation because they actually offered a service and worked with the treatment centres to offer what was in the best interests of the client. That quality of care got watered down by the introduction of the internet. Along with the internet came the birth of this new generation of ‘middle men’. They crop up in just about every business and no one actually seems to be directly selling their own products anymore. Comparison website, initiative schemes like e-bucks, everything is run by middle men. I personally think in most markets today that this is a great thing and having everything in one place in which the consumer can compare and make an informed choice on the thing they are purchasing is fantastic and gives power to the customer, that’s how it should. Choice and impartial guidance and an honest opinion helps the client experience. That’s the ideal but in reality, and certainly in the rehab business, pressure to favour one place over another, regardless of whether it is the most effective route for the individual, is too strong and they sell out to the highest bidder.

The addiction treatment market is a little different and the new wave of agents and middlemen is ruining customer perception of the people who want to help those struggling with a crippling addiction, not just those with hard cash but everyone. I believe, and I often receive criticism for speaking out about such things, usually from the very people who I question, that some of these guys really need to check their motives. Its not a game, a way of earning large amounts of money by overcharging certain groups of customers. Yes, it is a business to an extent and I have to put aside my NHS training and beliefs that the best healthcare should be freely available to everyone, I have to be realistic, I live in South Africa! I do however believe that it is a humanitarian and caring business first and foremost and to lose touch of that is to lose credibility. At CapeRecovery we never turn anyone away who comes to us for help and this is a drain on time and resources but it’s what we do and to neglect that huge percentage of the population who cannot afford treatment would be unethical at best. We’ve recently had a spate of referrals from one of the biggest centres in Cape Town, all people who have no money and we have to place in whatever quality free or affordable rehab we can. This is good for our reputation but makes me question the commitment of the big rehabs and organisations with more resources than us simply ignoring a problem and seemingly unwilling to help anyone locally. The fact that the place in question is essentially filled with clients from the Netherlands all paying vastly inflated prices whilst passing off the locals with no funds to us to deal with tells its own story. After all, who are we to judge, we just do what we do which is provide the best, impartial, first point of contact, rehab and recovery service for everyone. We’ve now started bringing clients over from The Netherlands and the UK and I’m sure the rest of Europe will follow suit when they see what we offer at a tiny fraction of the prices charged locally and by centres here in South Africa who are exploiting foreign visitors.

So, when we work with addiction professionals, we like to ensure that we are doing all we can for the individual whilst not forgetting the family of the client during the time they are in treatment. We believe that providing accurate and honest information for professionals and maintaining good communication with them helps us to give a quality, patient focused, service so that everyone is kept in the loop. These are the measures that we have put in place to ensure a comprehensive and consistent service across the board.

  • We hand pick the rehabs and addiction professionals over here in South Africa that we work with, ensuring that they share our values and are fully registered and committed to providing the best service possible, we only offer rehab referrals to these places.
  • We assess the client individually and select an appropriate course of treatment based purely on the individual clients requirements. We have centres that specialise in all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders so the perfect place can always be found. We base any rehab referrals on the needs of the client rather than the centre. We provide the centre with specific information for professionals who will be working with the client and their family. Our pre-assessment enables correct placement and increases the chance of success.
  • We keep track of our clients, visiting them whilst in treatment and liaising with counsellors and we also support the families. As we are in constant contact with the family and friends back home, we provide updates and information for professionals working with the client both here and in the home country.
  • For overseas clients we do a more in depth assessment as to their fitness to fly and a full risk assessment, the safety of the client and those around them must come first. We also put in place a contingency plan should the client leave the treatment setting or relapse (we ensure that the client or their family understand that if this happens we will find appropriate placement to detox again and this may include extra costs). This is a vital part of the care planning and why we provide comprehensive information for professionals involved in the clients care back home and why we must have the full co-operation of everyone we work with here in Cape Town.
  • If the overseas client is under an addiction professionals care based back at home then we keep regular one to one contact with that person, ensuring progress reports and aftercare planning for the addiction professionals involved, to sort out what will happen when the client returns home, as this is the key to effective and continued care and sobriety for the client. If they need to stay longer in sober living accommodation, to engage with the Cape Town Recovery Community, then we arrange that.
About Cape Recovery, Information for Professionals, Rehab Referrals, Addiction Professionals
Information for Professionals, Rehab Referrals, Addiction Professionals


A note from Simon Turner, Director of CapeRecovery, information for professionals, addiction professionals and Rehab Referrals.

‘At CapeRecovery it is our desire to not charge fees for rehab referrals and we will continue to work, with other addiction professionals, towards achieving that with all our clients. We already pay a number of places the full local rate for treatment and are transparent about our costs. We charge a nominal fee to the client for the time and petrol used to transport clients around if necessary, our knowledge and impartiality, for the support that we offer families and friends of the client and to keep the business alive and supporting the various charity ventures and voluntary services that we partner with. This means we are providing a much needed service and not merely acting as a middle man. We want people to ask questions about Cape Recovery as we are primarily here to help people, provide information for professionals to work with and the business side of things is secondary to us. We aim to work transparently with everyone and hope to start a shift in the way ‘agents’ are viewed by just doing what we do. We are also committed to our original goal of finding ways to offer effective addiction treatment and relevant rehab referrals for everyone regardless of circumstances. If you want to know more about Cape Recovery and how it began you can read The CapeRecovery Story here and if you want to e-mail me directly then that is ok too’.

So, if you are one of us Addiction Professionals and want to know all about Cape Recovery and how we go about rehab referrals in an open and effective way then Contact Us, we will continue to provide all the information for professionals that we already do to keep you in the loop and provide authentic client cantered care whilst helping the people of Cape Town and South Africa along the way.