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Luxury Safari and Surf Experience

Luxury Surf and Safari Experience

A month in our 5 star rehab with safari at the Kruger National Park followed by 2 – 11 months in beautiful Cape Town where you can do surf lessons, yoga, personal training, guided walks and many other exciting excursions, whilst learning to live life amongst the Cape Town Recovery Community. (5 Star Rehab – Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Drug Addiction Rehab, Process Addiction Rehab and Eating Disorder Rehab – Duration of 3 months – 1 year)

Welcome to the premium ‘CapeRecovery Experience’, for those who want the best in luxury and 5 star treatment but at the same time have a true desire to address their addiction issues. We now provide full drug addiction rehab, alcohol addiction rehab, process addiction rehab and eating disorder rehab in this perfect, unique and affordable package. When I first came to rehab to deal with what was a lot of issues that had built up over 25 years of drinking alcoholically and using any drugs that I could get hold of, I was unaware of the high quality yet affordable treatment over here in South Africa. Private rehab is a hugely costly business in the UK and in other parts of Europe and there simply isn’t really any choice on offer. It was only after spending approximately £30,000 on about 6 weeks in a UK primary rehab facility that I realised I needed a lot longer and more effective treatment and simply couldn’t afford to sustain that kind of spending! We can offer this full 6 month 5 star rehab followed by sober living and all activities and social life at less than half of the cost I was forced to pay for six weeks! I genuinely believe that the two biggest and most important factors in getting and remaining clean and sober from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or indeed, eating disorder, is length of time in a supported environment and the people who you surround yourself with. This is aside from a true desire and quality medical support and counselling throughout. With CapeRecovery you get all of that, if the desire is there, we provide everything else, world class rehabs, the best qualified medical staff and counsellors and, when our clients arrive in Cape Town, a vibrant social life with the incredible and supportive Cape Town Recovery Community. All this for the duration of 6 months and even a year, or just 3 months if time is an issue, and you have the complete package of rehab and recovery, giving everyone who travels with CapeRecovery the best and most realistic chance of a full and lasting recovery from any addiction. This is our 5 star rehab, our favourite and most popular choice for alcohol addiction rehab, drug addiction rehab, process addiction rehab and even eating disorder rehab!

5 Star Rehab - Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Drug Addiction Rehab, Process Addiction Rehab, Eating Disorder Rehab
5 Star Rehab – Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Drug Addiction Rehab, Process Addiction Rehab, Eating Disorder Rehab

World Class Drug Addiction Rehab, Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Process Addiction Rehab with African Safari

The world class rehab that we partner with is incredible, situated near the airport in Nelspruit, home of the world famous Kruger National Park. You will be met at the airport on arrival and transported to the luxury facility housed at a re-furbished game lodge with the full hotel standard service and meals. Initially you will be fully detoxed and assessed by the quality doctors and psychologists in order to plan your individualised treatment. As you progress, you will have your own counsellor and also participate in group work. Something that differs from all other rehabs is that laptops are allowed and full internet access is provided, so it is an ideal place for someone who needs time out but must be in touch for business purposes. Towards the end of your stay, when you are feeling more energetic and confident, you will be taken to visit the Kruger National Park and view South Africa’s incredible natural array of animals. Following all this you will be transported to the airport, fly the short trip to Cape Town and be picked up by CapeRecovery on arrival and taken to the next step of your recovery journey.

Eating Disorder Rehab

We are fussy and treat all our clients accordingly so, as eating disorders and food addiction issues need specialist care we bring our clients directly to our quality eating disorder clinic in Cape Town, see the Eating Disorder Page to see what we offer treatment for, this is then followed by a period of time in our sober living home with everything that is on offer there (see below).

Sober Living in beautiful Cape Town

For a 6 month package, it is recommended to do a further two months (secondary rehab) is one of our high quality Cape Town rehabs. This will give the client a chance to really work on the addiction end explore in more depth any underlying issues and deal with any previous trauma whilst understanding addiction and the reasons why some people turn to their drug of choice to avoid feeling.

Following this, or also available straight after landing in Cape Town, a period of quality and fully supported sober living is commenced at our highest quality and homely sober living house. During this time (2-11 months) the client can get fully involved with meetings and social events with both the people in the house and also the wider Cape Town Recovery Community. This is what real recovery from addiction is about, engaging and actually enjoying life whilst remaining safe, clean and sober. CapeRecovery have a wide variety of activities on offer, from Surfing lessons, Yoga and Personal Training on the beautiful array of Cape Town beaches, to guided walks around areas of interest and even some incredible volunteering projects that are going on around the city with our partners at African Sunrise! Sober Living means that the time is yours to focus on recovery and to enjoy the long summer in Cape Town, it’s the perfect balance of support and freedom, preparing the client for a return home fully refreshed and with a passion for living a clean and sober life. This unique approach to complete rehab and recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue and eating disorder, has been years in planning and comes from my own experience as an addict and alcoholic, now over three years into an exciting recovery and from my many years as a nurse and counsellor in the addiction field in the UK, so I will be around all the time to guide you through the entire process. E-mail me direct at if you like.

So, that is your complete 5 star rehab CapeRecovery Experience, Drug Addiction Rehab, Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Process Addiction Rehab and Eating Disorder Rehab, all in a complete and unique package, Contact Us Today!