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Month: April 2017

Individualised Addiction Treatment

Individualised Addiction Treatment

Individualised Addiction Treatment, ED Treatment and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

The more time that I spend living a life clean and sober, working with addicts of all kinds who are still suffering, the more I realise just what a daily battle it is for those in early recovery. The nature of addiction treatment and all other issues like process addictions, dual-diagnosis issues (dual-diagnosis treatment) and eating disorders (ED treatment) is such that the odds for a full recovery are stacked against each and every person. This doesn’t deter me though because I believe that the reason recovery rates make such grim reading is because we have for generations been adopting a one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. Every single person is different and I believe that barring a few exceptions, the vast majority of people can recover if we look at them as unique and take and individualised addiction treatment approach. The main problem with addiction being recognised as a disease, which technically it is, is that the powers that be try to apply a medical model of treatment to it which takes away the individuality of treatment. If a person has a headache we might say take a pain killer, lie down or drink plenty of water, that’s what I would do anyway. It’s not rocket science and it works almost every time. There is no such cure for addiction or any of the associated illnesses. No one way works for the masses, in fact I would go as far as saying that no one way works for more than the individual that it works for. In simple terms, I am saying that every person needs their own route, specialist and targeted support and flexibility throughout the entire process.

Individualised Addiction Treatment - CapeRecovery - ED Treatment, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
Individualised Addiction Treatment – CapeRecovery – ED Treatment, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

CapeRecovery Individualised Addiction Treatment, ED Treatment and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

So, how do we practically go about achieving this mammoth task? Well, here are my list of things that must be in place, all things that I have implemented into the unique CapeRecovery way of treating addiction and related issues.

  • Honest, Impartial Advice from the Start – Adopting a realistic approach that the person will probably need a lot longer than a month or two in rehab. We are always upfront about this and believe that if money is to be spent on treatment then the client should only be offered the lowest prices for their requirements.
  • Pre-assessment.
  • Appropriate Placement at specialist, registered treatment providers (currently with other organisations this rarely happens as they have beds to fill so have a natural bias, we don’t).
  • Tailoring a program where the client is involved in all the usual group sessions but also can identify their own needs enabling us to bring in specific specialist counsellors relating directly to them. This not only gives the client more control and input into their own recovery but also helps them to delve into the real issues (if these things are not dealt with then a full and authentic recovery will never happen). Our treatment centres welcome our input into clients care planning.
  • Joint working between organisations in terms of doing what’s best for the client. Too often do I see clients failing in their process due to rehabs wanting to hang onto clients for financial gain. At CapeRecovery, clients are ours and we get involved at every stage of the process, changing the course of treatment if new needs are identified or they are not getting the specific support they need.
  • Follow up support – This is arguably the most important aspect of individualised addiction treatment, ED treatment or dual-diagnosis treatment. We plan a persons discharge from treatment and provide continued support, aftercare and if necessary have quality options for continued care and sober living with support from the recovery community and even volunteering opportunities and back to work plans.

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So, that is the CapeRecovery Individualised Addiction Treatment, ED Treatment and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment, simply contact us today for more information on how we can provide the best value, tailored rehab and recovery experience.