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Month: July 2016

Private Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town South Africa

Our Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town South Africa

The great news for CapeRecovery, it’s clients and The Recovery Community of Cape Town as a whole is that we have visited and linked up with the best private eating disorder clinic in Cape Town South Africa. The question is, what makes it the best? Well, some would say facilities and luxury but a massive swimming pool and spa treatments kind of distracts from the purpose and in my opinion, the more stuff like that you get, the less the feeling of community is evident. For our overseas clients we have the ideal combination of quality accommodation and the best specialised eating disorder treatment in the world. Cape Town really is a true recovery hub and many people have found a new life free from the pain of their addiction or eating disorder here. With CapeRecovery you or your loved one can have the opportunity of experiencing all of this and incredibly, because of CapeRecovery’s emergence, it’s all charged at local prices, saving a great deal on costs, getting more for your money and receiving an unrivalled commitment to guiding every one of our clients through the entire recovery process from treatment to sober living and voluntary opportunities in this beautiful city! That’s what makes us different, we work with the best selection of rehabs and treatment centres, treating the full range of addictions, process addictions and eating disorders. The beauty of having a specialised eating disorder clinic in this vibrant community of like minded people all focussed on their individual recovery, is that many share similarities with the array of people in recovery and a lot of those suffering from eating disorders display similar behaviours as those coping with an addiction. They also often have a substance, behaviour addiction or a mental health problem running alongside their eating disorder. Having everything in one place means that we are fully equipped to provide the best possible care and treatment for any eventuality.

Private Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town South Africa
Private Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town South Africa

Private Eating Disorder Clinic in Cape Town as part of The CapeRecovery Experience!

The idea of CapeRecovery came from two main observations on my part. The first was that rehab tourism is commonplace these days but many of the places here were taking advantage of this and charging unrealistic amounts, that’s why we came up with the notion of charging local prices regardless of where the client comes from. The second was that any eating disorder treatment, like addiction treatment is a process, it doesn’t get better in 21 days or a month. Things like this usually develop over a period of time and again, like addiction, there is a process of learning and self-care that requires a lot of support from both professionals and peers. We put together full recovery packages for three months and six months and co-ordinate absolutely everything, from airport collections to transfers between facilities, primary treatment to secondary, tertiary and sober living options and even volunteering and social opportunities with our partners at African Sunrise and The incredible Cape Town Recovery Community.

So, for the best private eating disorder clinic in Cape Town South Africa, simply Contact Us today, quality treatment has just become more accessible with the help of CapeRecovery!