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Month: April 2016

South Africa Rehab Centres

South Africa Rehab Centres

South Africa Rehab Centres are amongst some of the best in the world for drug and alcohol addictions, process and behavioural addictions and eating disorders. At CapeRecovery, I favour the Cape Town Rehab Centres but that is purely based on my love for Cape Town and it’s people, the quality of our centres doesn’t go down in other parts of the country though. Our search for quality and affordable rehab across South Africa and the world continues but they all have to link in and work with the CapeRecovery code of correct placement and patient cantered treatment for us to work with them. It’s easy to pick a bunch of centres to send people to without checking out the people behind them but we work on quality and not quantity, each persons individual recovery experience is the only thing that matters to us. Our unrivalled continued support of clients and their families right throughout the addiction recovery process and beyond is what makes us stand out. People like an independent person with professional experience who has also been through the process themselves to discuss options with, not just be pushed in a certain direction. Suitable placement is the only thing that matters to us and we won’t be bullied by the big players in the rehab business. We have linked with a great place to add to our Johannesburg Rehab Centres, this took a while and exists because we understand that although everyone wants a service like CapeRecovery, people can’t always travel to Cape Town. The benefit of being a part of what we do is that having people in different areas and following the CapeRecovery way of one addict helping another, just spreads the word of what we are doing at grass roots level in Cape Town and hoping to replicate all over South Africa.

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Cape Town Rehab Centres

We have a selection of Cape Town Rehab Centres that we work with and we have picked the best in their individual fields. For example, we work with the best addictions centre, the best dual-diagnosis clinic and the best eating disorder clinic. We asses each clients individual needs right down to their motivation and the amount of pushing they will need in order to place them in the most suitable environment, thus giving them the best possible chance of recovery. No bias, simply honest and impartial advice and information.

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Cape Recovery is new to Johannesburg but our principles remain the same, a commitment to giving the best honest and impartial advice and information. We have selected one of the most cost effective places that gives incredible value for money with a passionate and committed team of staff. Detox and Rehab has never been easier as we will pick you up and take you directly to the facility!

So, Contact Us now for instant access to the best South Africa Rehab Centres, Cape Town Rehab Centres and Johannesburg Rehab Centres and rehab in other areas for client here and worldwide, Cape Recovery are the only impartial people who want to help everyone.

Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Rehabilitation

Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is an often complex issue, finding the suitable route for addiction rehabilitation is often even more complicated! Substance addictions such as a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction are usually based on the underlying issues and the substance becomes the crutch, the symptom showing that something isn’t right. This is where the difference between substance use or abuse and substance addiction is evident. Lots of people use alcohol or drugs in a relatively normal way which never becomes a problem, many abuse dugs or alcohol in binges to the extent where it causes problems but even then, in many cases they can stop and resume normal life. Those with underlying issues and addiction problems use substances in a completely different way, it becomes the only thing that matters in life because it’s the only thing that allows them some respite from the feelings and emptiness that they feel without using or drinking. The thing that many people don’t understand about addiction is that you take the drugs or alcohol away and you are still left with the addictive behaviours and underlying stuff that must be addressed in order to lead a ‘normal’ life, away from whatever it is that is their crutch. This could be a substance or it could be a process addiction or behavioural addiction but either way, the underlying issues must be addressed to avoid slipping back into that original addiction or other addictive behaviours.

Addiction Rehabilitation, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Process Addiction, Behavioural Addiction

Process Addiction (Behavioural Addiction)

Process Addiction, also referred to as Behavioural Addiction includes such things as sex, lovegambling, pornography and more recently gaming and internet or mobile device addiction. The idea of addiction is the same, with the behaviours taking the place of the substance and the treatment is very similar. They can seem less damaging on the surface and often easier to hide but they are equally damaging to the individual and those around them. To find out more then visit our Process Addictions Page. As part of our CapeRecovery individualised assessment we take everything into account in order to find the best possible treatment for all of these addictions.

So, for the best Addiction Rehabilitation at the best price, be it Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Process Addiction or Behavioural Addiction, simply Contact Us today and we will, as always, do everything that we can to help!



Addiction Rehab in South Africa

Addiction Rehab in South Africa

I love the way CapeRecovery has grown and is giving everyone the chance at a full rehab and recovery experience at the lowest possible cost. In my opinion, Cape Town really is the place to give you or your loved one the best chance of a full recovery and CapeRecovery simply ties everything together for you. Addiction rehab in South Africa is amongst the best in the world but dealing with any addiction or eating disorder, either for yourself or for someone else is often a confusing time. There is a lot of competition for alcohol rehab in South Africa and drug rehab in South Africa and a lot of information out there making it hard to see what it is you are paying for and whether there are other better options available for less or the same output. As I’ve said before, addiction rehab in South Africa, alcohol rehab in Cape Town and drug rehab in Cape town is generally top quality, you just need to know what’s best for you or your loved one rather than be coerced down a certain route. Competition means that the big organisations often get the lions share of the business because of monopolies and practices that go on behind the scenes, leading to distrust in the industry as a whole. This is essentially why CapeRecovery was born, to enable people to access honest, independent advice and information from someone who has found recovery and experienced many different rehab situations themselves. My personal experience covers most of the alcohol rehab in Cape Town and the drug rehab in Cape Town who we now work closely with so I can see the situation from both sides. This experience along with decades of clinical nursing and counselling experience in the addiction field make for the perfect combination of realism and effective individualised care. We assess everyone individually and from the results, we work with the person and the family to plan and find the best possible placement for the client. This approach, in turn, leads to a better chance of a successful and continued recovery and life away from the pain of addiction. See below how we approach alcohol rehab in South Africa and drug rehab in South Africa.


Alcohol Rehab in South Africa and Drug Rehab in South Africa

In other parts of South Africa and eventually the world, we like to keep the same CapeRecovery morals in terms of offering support to everyone, giving everyone the best possible prices for treatment and finding the most appropriate treatment for the individual. Our focus on the whole family in addiction treatment ensures that the families and friends of the client don’t get left in the dark and can access the support that they need. Read more about our family support to see that we are around through the whole process, there are also some tips on living with and dealing with an addict.

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Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town and Drug Rehab in Cape Town

We do favour Cape Town as it has become my home and I myself found recovery from a 25 year alcohol and drug addiction on these shores. I also believe that the recovery community in Cape Town is amongst the best in the world and it’s the people that welcomed me here that have made up my circle of friends over the five years that I’ve been living here. My experience of coming over from the UK to a strange and unknown country has taught me a lot about getting and staying clean and sober and I believe it is my duty to pass that on. My life is incredible now and other peoples lives can also become incredible with the correct continued care and support. Cape Town is where CapeRecovery was born and we have developed a reputation for offering help to everyone through our unique system of appropriate placement and flexibility. People on lower or no income can also benefit from our scheme that attracts European visitors to Cape Town as a destination for Recovery and paying local prices, thus in part enabling us to sponsor places for local people. The amount of people who are buying into this approach is phenomenal and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support.

So, for the best Addiction Rehab in South Africa, Alcohol Rehab in South Africa, Drug Rehab in South Africa. Drug Rehab in Cape Town and Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town, simply fill in this form and Contact Us, call, whattsap or SMS us on +27 (82) 6359419, or e-mail me personally at and as always, we will do absolutely all we can to help!



Durban Rehabilitation Centres

Durban Addiction Rehabilitation (Rehab Durban)

Durban Rehabilitation Centres – Durban Rehab

Though at Cape Recovery, our main focus is on Cape Town and it’s people, we thought why not extend our quality client based service to include everyone in South Africa! Durban Rehab with Cape Recovery is very close to our hearts as our desire to help is all over South Africa and even further afield and we understand that not everyone can re locate to Cape Town or wants to, even for a short period of time. It may be where their problems began or that they favour other locations and this is fine as with CapeRecovery we offer the same quality service that we are doing successfully in Cape Town, in Durban and other locations coming soon. The principle of client tailored care is the same, just the area that is different. The Facebook CapeRecovery community is always on call and you also have access to the unrivalled Cape Recovery staff and aftercare services that come for the support of all our clients and their friends and families! Durban Rehabilitation Centres (Durban Rehab Centres) are of equal quality and provide the same level of support. We can arrange instant entry to Durban Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment as soon as you call and we complete a very short assessment to ensure the perfect placement. Contact us via e-mail at today! Our CapeRecovery Rehab Durban clinic is one of the best in South Africa, Durban addiction rehab has never been easier.

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Durban Addiction Rehabilitation (Durban Addiction)

When making the often difficult decision to enter a drug or alcohol rehab you need to find a place that’s suited to you, it is a huge step and planning is crucial. It could be the best choice that you ever make as starting on the route to recovery is an exciting and an enlightening journey! Durban has high crime rates and usually where there is crime there is usually drugs and vice versa. Durban is becoming flooded by cheap street drugs such as Nyaope (whoonga) and Crystal Meth (tik) and as we speak it seems the addiction problem in Durban isn’t getting a whole deal better. As part of pur work with Cape Recovery, we are building links to reach out to everyone who is suffering. The numbers of those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol in Durban and South Africa in general is very high when compared to other cities worldwide.

The positive thing that I’ve found is that the people of South Africa really have a desire to tackle the overwhelming drug and alcohol problem and Durban Rehabilitation Centres are known as being some of the best in the world. Once an addict becomes clean and sober we often see a knock on effect as one addict helps another and so on. This is why we encourage meetings and socialising with other recovering addicts as an integral part of continued recovery. Our Durban Rehab clinic comes with great facilities and enthusiastic and committed staff. We have programmes from a short week long detox right through primary, secondary and tertiary care. However long you can stay we have a programme that will suit your individual needs. Our team is waiting and ready to help you taday. Call us now for Durban Rehab on 082 635 9419 or email We can also arrange an addiction Intervention in Durban so for more information on Rehab Durban Interventions please see the Addiction Interventions page. We can also arrange transportation to our Durban rehab Clinic from the airport or surrounding areas.

This is what we treat at both our Cape Town and Durban Rehab Clinics.

If you are not in Durban then we can help wherever you are in South Africa or the world with our network of quality clinics so contact us and we will do all you can to help. So for all your Durban Addiction RehabilitationDurban Addiction and Rehab Durban needs and all the best Durban Rehabilitation Centres, with Durban Rehab at CapeRecovery you’re always looked after.