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Month: March 2016

Johannesburg Addiction Rehabilitation Centres.

Johannesburg Rehabilitation Centres (Rehab Joburg)

Joburg Rehab

Though we focus on Cape Town, Rehab Joburg with Cape Recovery is also close to our hearts and we understand that not everyone can travel here or wants to, it may be where their problems began or that they favour other locations. This is OK as with CapeRecovery we can offer the same quality service, as we do in Cape Town, in Johannesburg and other locations coming very soon. The principle of tailored care is the same, just the location that is different. You also have access to the unrivalled Cape Recovery staff and aftercare services that come for the support of all our clients and their friends and families! Johannesburg Rehabilitation Centres (Joburg Rehab Centres) are of an equal quality and the same level of support is available. We can arrange quick entry to Johannesburg Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment as soon as you call and we have completed a very short assessment to ensure the perfect placement. Contact us via e-mail at today! Our JHB Rehab clinic starts from just R20000 and we can offer a detox from R8000, joburg addiction rehab has never been easier or more affordable.

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Johannesburg Addiction Rehabilitation (Joburg Addiction Rehab)

When making the decision to go to a drug or alcohol rehab you need to find a place that’s suited to you, it is a big step. It could be the best choice that you ever make as starting on the route to recovery is an exciting and enlightening journey! Johannesburg suffers from high crime rates and  where there is crime there is usually drugs and vice versa. Johannesburg is overwhelmed by cheap street drugs such as Nyaope (whoonga) and Crystal Meth (tik) it seems the addiction problem in Johannesburg is set to get worse. Addiction to drugs and alcohol in Johannesburg is very high when compared to other cities worldwide.

The people of South Africa really have a desire to tackle the overwhelming drug and alcohol problem and Johannesburg Rehabilitation Centres are known as being some of the best in the world. Our Johannesburg Rehab clinics all come with great facilities and enthusiastic and committed staff. We have programmes from a 5 day detox right through secondary and tertiary care. However long you can stay we have a programme that will suit your needs. Our team is waiting to help. Call us now for Joburg Rehab on 082 635 9419 or email We can also arrange an addiction Intervention in Johannesburg so for more information on Interventions please see the Addiction Interventions page. We can also arrange free transportation to our Johannesburg rehab Clinic from the airport or surrounding areas.

This is what we treat at both our Cape Town and Joburg Rehab Clinics.

If you are not in Johannesburg then we can help wherever you are in South Africa or the world with our network of quality clinics so contact us and we will do all you can to help. So for all your Johannesburg Addiction Rehabilitation, Joburg Addiction and Rehab Joburg needs and all the best Johannesburg Rehabilitation Centres, with Joburg Rehab at CapeRecovery your always well looked after by an independent, friendly and committed team!

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Centres, Addiction Rehabilitation Centres (Addiction Rehabs)

Addiction Treatment Services in Cape Town vary, a solid recovery comes from the quality of input into that persons treatment and an individualised plan of care. We work with Addiction Treatment Centres to offer that complete package of care, all our Addiction Rehabilitation Centres are of the highest quality and have an agreement with us to work together to ensure the process is as straight forward, un-daunting and open as possible. It’s a confusing time at first and once the person is ready to stop using or drinking then they must start listening and the advice must be clear concise and easy to follow, this is where the hard work really begins but it’s worth the effort! Once in one of our Addiction Rehabs, the client will be introduced to the wider recovery community and start making friends and building links, already preparing for independence and building a support network for when they leave. The good thing about the sheer numbers and enthusiasm of the recovery community here in Cape Town is that there are meetings everyday of the week and social events with a huge network of people who are more than happy to help with the recovery of the newcomer. It is a difficult time when a person makes the decision to stop using drugs or drink and embark upon a new way of life and they often require a lot of support during this transition period. That support cannot be down to the family and friends as they are too close and need a break themselves, that’s why rehab is ideal. We must not forget the family at this time as they have often suffered years of negative effects from the persons addiction and need to re-adjust to the new approach as well. They are often neglected and that is why, at Cape Recovery, we do our best to keep them informed on the progress and offer advice and support, answering any questions when they come up.

Addiction Treatment Services, Addiction Rehabilitation Centres, Addiction Treatment Centres, Addiction Rehabs


The CapeRecovery way of treating all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders is a little different from anyone else, this is because we don’t just place people in a rehab and leave them to get on with it. We visit them in treatment, support the family throughout the whole rehabilitation process and find suitable continued care, sober living environments and connections with the Cape Town Recovery Community. It is a process but we want our clients to live a happy, clean and sober life so we are around throughout to offer impartial advice, information and support to everyone.

So, for the best in Addiction Treatment Services, Addiction Treatment Centres and Addiction Rehabilitation Centres (Addiction Rehabs), Contact Us at CapeRecovery today and we will arrange everything for you, making this difficult time as straight forward and successful as possible.

Rehabilitation in Cape Town

Rehabilitation in Cape Town

Rehabs in Cape Town and other Rehabilitation Services

Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town is amongst the best in the world and this is why CapeRecovery exists today.  Having been through the system here in many different rehabs and rehabilitation services and having  been an active part of the Cape Town recovery community for the last five years, I have every faith that there is no better place to get and stay clean and sober from all addictions, process addictions and indeed, eating disorders too! At CapeRecovery we work very closely with all of our rehabs in Cape Town to ensure the best quality service and support for every one of our clients and their families whilst they are in treatment and beyond. We keep a close eye on everyone who works with us and follow through on their progress by ensuring proper aftercare and extended care and re-integration into their old lives. This is what makes us different from everyone else, we focus on the recovery journey as a whole, viewing the stint in rehab as just a small yet vital part of the whole process. When returning home from rehab, big changes often have to be made and this takes some re-adjustment, so we are here right along that journey to offer support. We want our clients to get clean and stay clean, we want them to experience what we have today.

Rehabilitation in Cape Town, Rehabs in Cape Town, Rehabilitation Services

Having the opportunity of accessing one of the great rehabs in Cape Town that we work closely alongside, can and will give you or your loved one the best possible chance of success and a long, healthy and happy future. I truly believe this having been stuck in a 25 year addiction to alcohol and other drugs and I want to share that experience with others as part of my work so people can be aware that there is hope for everyone and that no one is a lost cause. Once someone sees a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel and they start following instructions, taking the help and advice offered and as long as they truly want recovery, I believe that here in Cape Town they have as good, if not better, chance than anywhere else in the world. Local or Overseas Clients can benefit from the full CapeRecovery Experience!

I have confidence in Rehabilitation Services as long as you find the right ones, for more info on options Contact Us, Rehabilitation in Cape Town the Rehabs in Cape Town are perfect for all addictions and eating disorders, with that little bit of extra support from the friendly CapeRecovery team!

Addiction Treatment in Cape Town

Addiction Treatment in Cape Town

Addiction Treatment in Cape Town

Addiction Treatment in Cape Town does vary a lot in cost and quality but I believe that there is no better place in the world to embark upon a recovery journey from any addiction, process addiction or eating disorder. At CapeRecovery, we believe strongly that if you must pay for treatment then you should be at the correct rehab for your needs and given accurate and unbiased information as well as receiving the best value for money. Addiction affects most people directly or indirectly at some point in their lives, it is a killer and it tears families apart. It doesn’t discriminate and anyone from any social background, culture or ethnicity can be the victim of this debilitating and damaging disease. It is a social problem of epic proportions and Cape Town is no different to everywhere else and that is why we all need to work together to help the people of this great city. At CapeRecovery we believe that the best way to help addicts of all kinds is for us all to work together. People helping people is a concept that works in remarkable ways in recovery communities, it gives hope to the still suffering addict and encourages those new on their journey into recovery and beyond. We work with the best rehabilitation facilities providing drug treatment in Cape Town, alcohol treatment in Cape Town and treatment of any process addiction. We also work with a top of the range eating disorder rehab as part of the CapeRecovery family. In my opinion, the diverse mix of people with all kinds of addictions, behavioural addictions and eating disorders makes for an interesting and supportive recovery community and we encourage this mix for the good of everyone. We learn a lot from other people and to relate to someone else who has struggled can give the hope and the benchmark required to push on in the individuals own recovery journey. The people in recovery were certainly the most important aspect of me getting to where I have and I won’t forget that.

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Addiction Treatment – Cape Recovery

Rehabilitation Facilities – Drug Treatment in Cape Town, Alcohol Treatment in Cape Town and Eating Disorder Rehab

All our Rehabilitation Facilities are of the highest standard in terms of staffing and programs offered. We do a pre-assessment of every client before deciding on the best possible route for the individual. We are independent so we have options to suit everyone and we don’t steer people in the direction of a particular place. We also follow the individual through treatment and keep in touch with family members and friends to offer information and support when required. It’s a very personal service and I am always available if you have any questions, simply Contact Us today and we will arrange everything for you. For overseas clients we have three month and six month rehab packages where we arrange the whole rehab and recovery journey for you and guide you through every stage of the process from rehab, secondary care, tertiary care and sober living, all at the best value anywhere in the world!

So, for the best Rehabilitation Facilities and Addiction Treatment in Cape Town, be it Drug Treatment in Cape Town, Alcohol Treatment in Cape Town or Eating Disorder Rehab, we make it easy and accessible at CapeRecovery!



Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery is something that needs to be thought about and planned and when someone is at crisis point, you just don’t have the time! That’s why at CapeRecovery, we have already done the hard work by sourcing the best addiction treatment centres and addiction rehabilitation centres in Cape Town and putting together a care plan that involves us right throughout the whole process from detox to treatment and then on to aftercare, sober living and re-integration into ‘normal’ life. It is a difficult time for both the client and the people close to them so we provide a support for families and friends of the client once they are safely in the addiction rehab centres, according to the plan that we make with everyone involved. What makes us unique is that although we have every confidence that the places we choose to work with provide the highest quality of care, we are also independent so can advocate for the client or family if needed. We want all our clients to be successful in their recovery and our opinion is that it is this initial planning stage, finding the most appropriate place for the individual, that can make or break a persons chance of a full recovery, that’s why we do what we do!

Addiction Recovery, Addiction Treatment Centres, Addiction Rehabilitation Centres, Addiction Rehab Centres

Addiction Rehabilitation Centres – Choosing the best Addiction Treatment Centres and Addiction Rehab Centres for your Addiction Recovery!

Rehab Centres vary and some are expensive, others are not. We try to help everyone of all budgets so work with a complete range of places. All the places we work with however, share one similarity, they are of the highest quality in terms of program and staff and these are the most important aspects of a treatment centre. Also, it couldn’t be easier for you because we don’t charge inflated prices like some places, so you don’t need to shop around. We agree a local price that is the same for everyone and the lowest on offer so not only do you know that you are getting quality treatment, you can also be assured that you are getting incredible value for money. It is this commitment to value and service for each and every one of our clients that makes us so popular with the people who work with us. It’s a desire to help people that makes what we do so enjoyable and we love to see results as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person turn their life around. We arrange everything from admission to aftercare and beyond with the continued support of everyone else involved all as part of the unique CapeRecovery service. Overseas clients check out our three month and six month options. It really is that straight forward! We have packages for all drug addictions, alcohol addictions, process addictions, dual diagnosis issues and eating disorders, so whatever you or your loved one needs, we have a tailored package waiting just for you!

So, for the highest quality Addiction Rehabilitation Centres, Addiction Treatment Centres and Addiction Rehab Centres, just get in touch, Addiction Recovery is what we do best at CapeRecovery!

The Price of Rehab

The Price of Rehab

Cape Town Rehab – Rehab in Cape Town and other areas of South Africa

Throughout the last 3 years of offering honest and impartial advice to everyone and treating each client in the same polite way that is to be expected, we have learnt a lot about the price of rehab and the over-charging that is sadly far too common. We decided that there must be some consistency and a benchmark of quality so we only work with rehabs, clinics and treatment centres that are fully registered and that only ever offer the best value. We also only work with places that will make the most of any available medical aid in order to keep your personal costs as low as possible. We do provide a Rehab List but it is limited to ones that meet our standards and one’s in which we would be happy to utilise if ever a loved one required treatment. There are a lot of new places opening up without registration and this is a huge concern for us as we promote Cape Town as a venue for recovery and the unregistered places don’t help the good name of rehabs in Cape Town in general. We won’t work with these places as a matter of principle as we need a good relationship with all our partners but most importantly we want every one of our clients to have a full recovery from whatever addiction, process addiction, dual diagnosis issue or eating disorder that they need help with. There is a list of rehabs at the end of the page as I said and rehab cost is always a question that confuses many as it seems to alter so much. Essentially what we have done at Cape Recovery is check out everything that is on offer and formed partnership’s with inly the best ones, the ones offering everyone not only the lowest prices possible but also the best quality of treatment available anywhere in the world!

Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town - What does Rehab Cost
Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town – What does Rehab Cost

What is the Price of Rehab, how much does Rehab Cost?

The question about the price of rehab and how much does rehab cost is a question that bugs a lot of people including me. It is annoying because it varies so check out our list of rehabs in Cape Town below. The rehab list doesn’t include exact prices as these do change regularly but we always insist on every one of our clients receiving the lowest local price achievable for the highest quality treatment possible. You can get these costings when we know a bit more. Contact Us and we will use our special relationship with all our treatment centres to keep the cost as low as possible. The important thing is that every treatment centre on our rehab list is of the highest standard as we only work with the places that provide the best client care and professional support for any persons budget. The short answer to the cost of rehab is that you do usually get what you pay for and the best centres cost more money than the more basic ones. Unfortunately, the economy here in South Africa and the amount of support from NGO’s and charities, though they do what they can, is not enough. This is not to mention the government input which is inadequate at best! Provision of quality addiction treatment for the masses is not even insufficient, it is almost insignificant. This makes our job harder but we still don’t turn people away and we make every effort to source the best free and subsidised rehabs and offer support along the way for everyone who contacts us, sadly this is a big undertaking but one that we are happy to take on as it’s what we do here at Cape Recovery. So, the bottom line is yes, if you don’t have medical aid, you will usually have to spend some money, our job is to make sure that any money spent is spent wisely in order for each of our clients to receive the best possible treatment thus giving the best chance of a full and long recovery. In the long run, our process of pre-assessment and suitable placing, will avoid any unnecessary re-admissions and relapses in many cases and will ultimately save money and peoples lives. Wise spending on quality rehab treatment is money well spent when you see the results of people getting their lives back and finding a whole new sense of purpose, when viewed in those terms, the cost of rehab is worth it.

Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town - What does Rehab Cost
Price of Rehab List of Rehabs in Cape Town – What does Rehab Cost

Rehab list – Here is a list of rehabs in Cape Town that we work alongside..

Primary Centre (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is our go to place for those with either medical aid in place or a moderate budget as for the price it provides outstanding medical detox and full rehabilitation care for the first month. The price of rehab is higher here simply because of the quality and professionalism and the centre is fully registered for both addiction treatment and dual-diagnosis treatment. We work closely with them and visit our clients regularly to ensure that they have everything that they need.

Alternative Primary Centre (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is of an equal standard and is a little smaller in size, some people prefer this, others benefit from a busier environment, we include suitability of venue in our pre-assessment. Ideal for clients wanting to get away from the City Centre and would appreciate some peace whilst maintaining the highest quality of treatment as standard.

Eating Disorder Clinic – (For Medical Aid or Paying Clients) – This is the best place in Cape Town for any food addiction or eating disorder treatment. The homely and supportive environment and the highly experienced staff make it my go to place for anything food related.

Budget Rehab – This place is cheaper in cost and a little away from Cape Town but the setting is tranquil and the staff are still of the highest standard. Ideal for private clients who need a slightly more affordable option.

Secondary and Tertiary Rehab – (For Medical Aid and Paying Clients) There is an option to stay at any of the above for secondary treatment but also the option to move to this stunning brand new homely centre both secondary rehab and tertiary rehab.

Bargain Centre – We do have a facility for people on a smaller budget, these quality places are few and far between but we like this place and as long as the client is fully committed we can arrange our lowest ever price with them.

Re-Integration Home – This is a sober house but with added support in terms of sessions with a clinical psychiatrist if and when required. They also have a slightly stricter regime than other places, focussing on re-integration at the pace of the individual.

Sober Living House (For when Primary or Secondary Treatment is completed) – Beautiful property in a lovely area, fully equipped with large swimming pool and excellent counsellor support, the perfect place to continue your recovery. It’s also a fraction of the usual rehab cost with a lot of support. Encouragement from the other housemates in the community is what makes this place such a success and pleasurable place to stay. Ideal for that transition period between rehab and ‘real life’, the ideal balance of support and freedom!

Charity and Free Rehabs – At the moment we have two on our list of rehabs in Cape Town who we work with and are hoping to increase this number. The problem is we want to maintain the quality that we offer so the search is still on to get more options for those with a low or non-existent budget. The one thing is, you can always be assured that we will do our best to place everyone who contacts us for help.

Contact Us Today with any questions, more information and costs of a specific place, or for direct admission to one of our quality treatment centres.

So, that’s our list of rehabs in Cape Town, ones that we are happy to work with and ones who share our values, which will keep growing if and when we find places of the CapeRecovery standard, from our rehab list, we hope that you find something so that the price of rehab, the total rehab cost, is kept to your budget and that any money that you do have to spend will be spent wisely with CapeRecovery!



Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Rehabilitation – Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Rehabilitation with Cape Recovery

When I think about Addiction Rehabilitation and everything that goes along with it, I feel a great sense of gratitude that I am no longer living that life. Whatever a persons views on the disease model of addiction or the choice argument, the fact is that having lived, trapped in that dark place for 25 years, I don’t ever want to go back there. I personally understand the change in brain chemistry that takes place and I also believe that addiction stems from a number of factors including social and mental ones and that it is something that usually takes hold tightly and develops over time. Like I said, it took me 25 years to accept that the alcohol was the cause of all my problems and not everyone or everything else around me. This progression of addiction means that the individual often spends many years on a downhill slide before they reach what some people call a ‘rock bottom’ and have no way to go but to get help and access Drug Rehabilitation or Alcohol Rehabilitation.

Addiction Rehabilitation, Alcohol Rehabilitation, Drug Rehabilitation

It’s not only substances that people become addicted to, there are also process addictions or behavioural addictions and these can be just as damaging and disruptive to the addict and those around them. Whatever the addition, the effect that it has on not only the individual but on those around them is dramatic, painful and damaging. Relationships break down and trust goes out of the window, it’s sad for all involved and everyone needs time to let the wounds heal. It’s this, often slow degeneration and damage to everything and everyone involved, that means that there is no quick fix to treating addiction and one of the reasons why prolonged access to a Rehab Centre is effective as it gives the person time and space from the environment and people with which they spent their addiction years. At Cape Recovery, we hand pick the addiction treatment centres that we work with based on a strict criteria and they are all of the highest quality with a proven track record of excellent care.

So, for the best Addiction Rehabilitation, be it Alcohol Rehabilitation or Drug Rehabilitation, at CapeRecovery, we will make an assessment and find the idea place for you or your loved one, simply Contact Us and we will do all we can to help!




Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment and Sugar Addiction

When I first started working in addiction treatment, I worked on the whole with people suffering from substance addictions, the world of eating disorder treatment and food addictions such as sugar addiction and over-eating treatment was a little alien to me. When I came to Cape Town I began to see more and more people in mainstream rehabs being treated for these food based addictions and also people receiving bulimia treatment and anorexia treatment. Although I am a nurse and understand the similarities of the behaviours involved and the psychology behind it, I still didn’t realise the benefit of mixed groups of addicts and eating disorder clients. In working recovery, we focus on the similarities and not the differences and many of the same feelings and emotions expressed by both sets of clients were similar and they could relate to one other. This connection impressed me and led me to delve further. On a basic level, the impact of one client or addict helping another is immeasurable and I always say to this day that the most important thing that helped me in my recovery was the people I came across along the way. People in treatment for eating disorders regularly benefit form meeting with people in the addictions fellowships and we greatly encourage this. We assess each case depending on the individual client before we make the decision with you about which is the appropriate treatment pathway, be it in an addiction centre or our specialised eating disorder centre.

Eating Disorder Treatment, Over-Eating Treatment, Anorexia Treatment, Sugar Addiction Treatment, Bulimia Treatment

Over-Eating Treatment, Bulimia Treatment and Anorexia Treatment

Eating Disorders are usually treated at our specialist Eating Disorder Treatment Centre. I like the place and enjoy my visits there to catch up with clients and staff. The staff are committed and excellent at what they do and the environment is very homely. It has a real feeling of togetherness and this must add to the client experience. I have never come across anyone who has not benefitted from the treatment there. Fully staffed with qualified counsellors and medical staff, they see the client right through their treatment. We can then help with integration back into ‘normal’ life by finding a suitable supported living environment for them. To arrange this for you or a loved one simply contact me or Melanie on the Contact Form today and we will get back to you, if you leave a contact number then I will be happy to call you back to discuss. Alternatively, e-mail me direct and I will do everything that I can to help.

So, for the best Eating Disorder Treatment, Sugar Addiction Treatment, Over-Eating Treatment, Bulimia Treatment and Anorexia Treatment or any other eating disorder, addiction or process addiction, get in touch with Cape Recovery, The Cape Town Recovery Experts, Contact Us Today!


Does rehab work?

Rehab Information – Does Rehab Work? All the Information about Rehab that you will need.

The question ‘does rehab work?’ has no definitive answer as rehabs operate in various ways and the success is down to the individuals desire, however, some rehabs are better than others and quality of program almost always increases the chance of a positive result. ‘Rehab success rates’ is another difficult topic but I will address that later on in the article. The most commonly used model that rehabs base their program on in Cape Town is the 12 Step Program used in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and other branches of the fellowship. In my experience this is an effective way to achieve sobriety and many people have got clean and sober using the support of this organisation alone. In my opinion, the 12 step program is an ideal way to maintatin sobriety but often people need the initial medical detox, time away from the substance or people who they used with and an introduction to the new way of thinking and living life. This is where rehab comes in, particularly one that works a program as an introduction to the 12 steps. There are other options and many differing opinions and we are open to any route which works, as to me, its not the journey but the destination that’s important. At CapeRecovery we want people to get and to remain clean, sober and happy. When making a decision on addiction treatment options for you or your loved one, it is important to gather all the facts about what a place offers and ensure that it is suitable for the individual client, this is where we come in with our triage and addiction nursing experience. We will give you all the information about rehab that you will ever need before making a final decision. Our rehab information is fully up to date and impartial so it’s easy to know that you are making the right choice, just ask us.

Rehab Information about Rehab success rates, Does Rehab Work?
The Road to Recovery

Rehab Success Rates

I am often asked about success rates of certain treatments and rehab success rates are relevant but hard to measure and it really is a difficult question to answer. I would strongly suggest that you find all the information about rehab that you can, we are happy to assist and our rehab information is free and impartial. Many rehabs boast very high success rates around 80% or more but these only take into account the people who get through the one or three month treatment process. In reality, it is relatively easy to stay clean and sober in rehab, more difficult when you leave and the figures for people still clean and sober after a year of leaving make dim reading. Sadly, that is the nature of the disease of addiction. On a brighter note, I always say that every person has somewhere between a 0% and a 100% chance of getting and staying clean and sober. It really is dependant on the individuals desire to do it and the support networks they build around themselves. It is hard work but with the right support and preparation, the chances are increased dramatically. That’s why, at Cape Recovery we answer the question ‘does rehab work?’ by saying we will do all we can to give it the best possible chance. We plan the best and most suitable admission, keep in regular contact with our clients once in treatment, plan for leaving with arrangements for regular meetings, secondary care, tertiary care or sober living if required and most importantly are there for the families and loved ones of the client should they need any advice or support whilst the client is in treatment and planning to return home. This is because we believe that if the person is ready to accept help then it should be given in the most effective and well informed way, increasing the chances of a full and happy recovery.

So, the answer to the question ‘Does Rehab Work?’ is Yes, it does and many people who are clean and sober today, like myself, look back with immense gratitude that they were given the chance of going  through rehab. Get all the information about rehab in general and the rehab information for a specific centre from us. It doesn’t have to be a question of rehab success rates, it’s more what we can do to give you or your loved one the best possible chance of success through CapeRecovery. Contact us today and I will talk through the options with you.




Cape Town Rehabilitation Centres – Cape Town Rehab Centres, Cape Town Alcohol Rehab, Cape Town Drug Rehab and Cape Town Eating Disorder Rehab.

Cape Town Rehabilitation Centres – Cape Town Rehab Centres.

Generally, Cape Town Rehabilitation Centres are amongst some of the best in the world. This is partly due to the experience and expertise of the staff and also because Cape Town has one of the best and most active recovery communities in the world. I got my first taste of Cape Town Rehab Centres when I arrived from the UK to enter treatment following a 25 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. What struck me was the set up and the sheer amount of people all working together for recovery. It was a welcoming place and there are meetings for alcoholics and addicts every day of the week so there are always people around to engage socially with. This helped me to settle in to my home from home and 5 years later I am still here with CapeRecovery, nearly 3 years sober and enjoying life! For speciality Alcohol and Drug addictions there is a wide variety to choose from and we work with only the best Cape Town Drug Rehab And Cape town Alcohol Rehab facilities. Our philosophy at Cape Recovery is to put the person who is seeking help first, I visit all the treatment centres regularly to ensure a high standard of care and I also keep in touch with the client at every step of their journey, from pre-admission to sober living and beyond. Importantly however, we do not forget about the families and loved ones of the client. Recovery from an addiction is a very stressful time and we have specialists in helping families work through the hurt and damage that is left behind when the addict enters treatment. We also offer the full CapeRecovery service for our eating disorder clients so click here for more info on Eating Disorders and we can get you direct access to one of our Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment Centres.

CapeRecovery Cape Town Rehabilitation Centres, Cape Town Rehab Centres, Cape Town Drug Rehab, Cape Town Alcohol Rehab, Cape Town Eating Disorder

Cape Town Drug Rehab and Cape Town Alcohol Rehab

The treatment centres that we work with in Cape Town are all of the highest quality in terms of staff and program offered, we aim to assist everyone and although there is some truth that you pay for what you get in terms of rehab, we strive to offer options for people on all budgets across the board. We have a great network of addiction treatment centres and rehabs so can fit the perfect place to the individual clients needs. For most drugs and alcohol the client needs a period of time in a medical detox unit and all our centres include this in the cost of the first month, if you have medical aid then this will be covered along with the first few weeks of treatment.

Cape Town Eating Disorder Rehab

We have a couple of options for our clients with eating disorders and we can hep you decide which would be best. One caters more from substance use and other addictions alongside the eating disorder work and the other is specifically for those with eating disorders. Just Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss options or give free and impartial advice before you make a decision.

So, for the finest Cape Town Rehabilitation Centres including general Cape Town Rehab Centres, Cape Town Drug Rehab, Cape Town Alcohol Rehab and Cape Town Eating Disorder Rehab, simply get in touch and we will do all we can to help you as always!