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Month: March 2015

The Damage Addicts Cause

Family Support, Family Help

Family Support is often lacking and something people ask when they are not the addict themselves but have been affected by the behavior of the addict is ”Where do I go for help?”. This is a very valid and important question as the family help is key for any harmony to be restored.

“Our hearts do not need logic; they can love and forgive and accept that which our minds cannot comprehend. Hearts understand in ways our minds cannot.” -Lois Wilson, wife of Bill Wilson (founder of AA) and founding member of Al-Anon.

Something that is often left aside when tackling the devastating downfall an individual takes towards accessing treatment is the years of damage and stress caused to people close to the addict.

Most treatment centers are aware of this strain but have to focus initially on the addict, bringing the family in when they have a sound and stable base to work with. It’s a testing time for everyone involved and I want to talk about my experience of personal damages as an active alcoholic of 25 years. Read about my journey here. At CapeRecovery we focus on both the addict and those close to them.

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Families and Friends of addicts need help too.

Family Disease

Addiction is a family disease and must be treated that way.

At Cape Recovery we not only support the addict themselves but we also offer family support and advice for the friends of addicts. We have staff who have experienced living with an addict and can empathise with the mixture of anger and love that goes with living and trying to understand addiction. Addicts leave behind them damage and chaos and it’s only human to be deeply affected by that, even if they don’t mean to cause pain, they inevitably do. Contact Us for rehab options. We are launching a program for the families affected by addiction so news of that will be on the site soon.

Care In Recovery

Care In Recovery

Care in Recovery

Caring for Addicts

The rehab game is often a confusing one for people seeking the best possible treatment tailored for them. They must know that they are getting the best value possible in an ever developing market. They must be sure that they are getting the correct information and guidance and they must be sure that the people in charge care. This sounds straight forward but it’s not always that way.

Addiction is still a frightening and confusing disease to all involved and holistic treatment of the individual and the family of the individual is central to rebuilding lives and relationships in order to move on in not only a clean and sober life but in a happy and fulfilled one.

Doubt often exists over the true motivation of people seemingly ‘cashing in’ on this market and that’s why I believe the process needs to be transparent and seamless:

  • We must eradicate the stress of hidden costs by simply removing them.
  • We must have a knowledgeable voice on the end of a phone to answer any queries.
  • Most importantly, we must enjoy what we do and stay alert to our primary purpose, helping the still suffering addict.

I myself am an addict who has found recovery. I never take my sobriety for granted and am grateful for this miracle every single day. My gratitude for that continues into my work and I feel I have a duty to only work with like minded people.

People who Care

Egos and recovery cannot coexist; there’s no way forward for people who are simply motivated by money and nothing else. I do however believe that the vast majority of individuals who work in the field are here for the still suffering addict, without that motivation I see no point in them continuing. The work makes me happy and knowing that I am giving my all without any hidden agenda gives me an inner peace that money cannot buy.

I’ll make a living yes, so we can carry on doing what we do but beyond that, it’s in Gods hands and I like it that way. I spoke about my faith and my work building Cape Recovery in my most recent alcoholfreeme blog post and I am currently working to fine tune our select list of quality residential rehabs to suit all people in need and it’s through our partnerships with these places that our service thrives.

Joe (pictured below) is one of these very people who make my life easier just by his example to everyone around him. He is a pleasure to work with and keeps his costs to an absolute minimum in order to do what he does best: help the still suffering addict.
He also offers care to families in his family support groups at no extra cost and upholds our beliefs that addiction is truly a family disease. Contact us for assessments and direct referrals to Cornerstone Rehabilitation Centre.

This picture at the top of this page is an example of someone who’s faith is contagious and willingness to help is unrelenting and that’s why we like him; Because, at CapeRecovery we choose our partners carefully and we only work with those who care.